Which is the best laser hair removal machine in 2020?, Top 3 devices that are flying off the shelves!

top 3 ipl hair removal devices in 2020

Top 3 devices that are flying off the shelves!

Laser hair removal is the use of laser light pulses to remove hair. The process had been experimented for about twenty years before it became available in the markets in 1995. In the 21st century era of technological innovation, the process has even become better. Laser hair removal is a common practice in clinics and homes with devices specially designed for self-treatment.

If you are thinking of trying laser hair removal, it is wise to do some research. It is very easy to be lured into laser hair removal by a promise of a beard or hair-free life, but it is essential that you know the facts and side-effects. Then it will be easy to get the right treatment for you.

I can guarantee that no one expected the laser technology would be used in hair removal, let alone at home. However, DIY laser hair removal devices have become popular among men as well as women. 

hair removal

While it has become a popular method of hair removal, there are several drawbacks of using lasers in hair removal. Some of the cons of using laser hair removal devices include the fact that the devices do not often work well on light hair and dark skin. Furthermore, it is a long-term process that requires the patient to be patient, and it can be quite expensive. 

If you are one of those who are terrified of the term “laser” and would never try to use the devices at home, lasers are not harmful at the approved power levels. No laser hair removal device is allowed to exceed this power level. The only scary thing with laser hair removal is the prices charged by the experts. The prices can total thousands of dollars while it will only cost you hundreds to purchase a quality laser hair removal device.

There are plenty of other options for hair removal, including waxing, threading, shaving, and tweezing. However, laser hair removal is among the few choices that offer customers a more permanent method to get rid of body hair.

I have personal experience with a laser hair removal as an expert. Here’s what I learned after going under the laser:

The treatment is not as painful as many think

According to experts, laser hair removal works by directing pulses of laser light through the hair pigment. The pulses then turn into heat, which destroys the hair follicle. You will feel a quick sharp pain in the target area.

I found the pain to be sharper around thinner skin on my chin, close to the nose, and the temple. Fortunately, the device that was used on me had a cooling mechanism installed, which relieved the pain in a jiffy. According to the hair removal expert, the pain can also be heightened by high body temperature due to intense physical activities such as running before the process.

Patience is critical

To notice any difference, it will take about two or three weeks after receiving your initial treatment. The process has 8-12 treatments, depending on the hair and part of the body, for the full result.

In my case, I only noticed real changes after roughly eight weeks or two treatments. I was also required to follow a strict schedule to keep up with my appointments. According to my specialist, this is primarily because hair follicles are always at different stages of growth at any particular time, and each one has to be zapped into dormancy.

Patience hair removal

It is a pretty fast and straightforward procedure

A full-face appointment only takes twenty minutes at most. The appointment includes a quick chat with the professional, makeup removal, and perhaps some facial scrubbing. You will have to reapply your makeup after the procedure, but at least the process does not take long, so you have plenty of time to touch up your face.

The time the process will take primarily depends on the specialist, the areas you want to remove body hair, and the type of machine in use. However, the procedure usually doesn’t take more than an hour in a single appointment.

fast ipl removal devices

You cannot visit the gym afterward

Unless you are going to the gym to motivate a friend, you should not go to the gym after a laser hair removal appointment. The heat caused by the laser in your hair follicles takes 24 hours to leave your skin. During this time, you cannot attend the gym, get a hot shower, or sit in a sauna. If you do, you give the bacteria on your skin the perfect environment to thrive and cause black spots on the target area.

You should also avoid activities that cause your body to heat up, such as running, hiking, cycling, etc. Your dermatologist will take you over a list of events you should avoid after an appointment. If not, make sure you ask him for a list. However, you generally just have to avoid anything that heats your skin. Follow the instructions carefully to stay safe.

gym after hair removal

Get ready to stay away from the sun for long periods

Your dermatologist will offer you advice on the best practices for you before and after the procedure. You might, however, need to avoid exposure to the sun as much as you can, before and after your appointment.

If you have a tan, you may be required to wait until it fades away to begin treatment. Your dermatologist will check with you for any upcoming holidays and create a schedule that avoids scheduling your next appointment on holiday.

tanning after hair treatment

Laser hair removal has minimal side effects

There are only a handful of side effects of laser hair removal. The side effects that appear only last a few days after their onset. You might experience burns in some cases, especially if you expose yourself to heat less than 24 hours after the procedure. The injuries might also be caused by an incorrect process for your skin type. Burns will usually last a week at most.

Apart from burns, some users claim to get skin pigmentation after the procedure. However, the side effect only appears if the procedure is done incorrectly or the user fails to follow the recommended care guidelines. Depending on the impact the procedure has on your skin, the process could cause hypo or hyperpigmentation. The condition is, however, very rare and should not bother you.

side affects after laser hair removal

The procedure is cost-effective in the long run

week 3 hair removal

Once you invest in a laser hair removal procedure, you will no longer have to worry about shaving or waxing your skin again. Though the process can be quite expensive, as explained earlier, you will save a massive portion of the money you would have used to get rid of body hair in the long run.

It may seem costly to pay for the procedure at first, but over the span of your life starting from the moment the process is complete, you will never have to purchase razors, creams, wax, and other temporary hair removal tools. You will also save a considerable portion of the time you would have spent waxing or shaving your body hair.

It works on any skin tone

With long-pulsed NDYAG laser hair removal machines, you can now safely get rid of unwanted body hair on darker or pigmented skin tones.

Your hair will just need to be dark enough to absorb the laser pulses. That means that as long as your hair is not too light, you can get great results from laser hair removal.

week 4 hair removal

Some people might need to go for top-up hair removal treatments

While most people report a 90% permanent hair reduction, fluctuating hormones are known to cause hair to grow back even after a laser hair removal process. If you notice any hair growing back in the area that was treated, then you will need a top-up treatment. Fortunately, these processes are much cheaper than the main laser hair removal processes, and they take up a significantly less amount of time.

There are no known side effects of top-up hair removal treatments, aside from the ones already stated above. It can, however, be frustrating to get your skin pointed with a laser machine again. Though the process is almost painless, you might not want to go under the laser beam a second time. Luckily for me, the process worked like a charm; I do not have to worry about the barber anymore. Come to think about it; he has one of the most disadvantaged careers by the advancement of laser hair removal technology.

 top-up hair removal treatments

You might need a change in beauty products

You should try your best to avoid glycolic acid, scrubs, and retinol creams two to three days before and after an appointment. You might also get a bit dry, and you might need to use face mists with extra moisturizers to keep your skin looking natural.

It is recommended that you avoid peels and fake turns two weeks before and after a laser appointment. This will keep your skin from contracting bacterial diseases since they thrive in these conditions. Keep safe; ask your dermatologist for directions in switching to a more reliable beauty regime and product.

You might need a change in beauty products after laser removal

No Ingrown hair

no ingrown hair after laser treatment

Unlike other hair removal methods, such as threading, epilating, and waxing, you will not have to bear the unsightly and painful ingrown hairs.

You will also not have to tolerate the irritation and burns from shaving razors. Experts suggest that laser hair removal is an excellent way of improving ingrown hairs

No need for hair to growth to start the procedure

You do not need to have hair to go into a laser hair removal treatment. It is actually recommended that you shave before your laser treatment to prevent scorching of surface hair.

This means you can remain beard-free while waiting for the treatment to take effect. In other options such as razor shaving and waxing, you must have long enough hair before each session.

No need for hair to growth to start the procedure

Here are three of the best laser hair removal machines in 2020.

hena ipl hair device

Hena IPL hair removal system

IPL technology has been in use in dermatologist clinics for beauty solutions for close to 20 years. It uses the principle of light and heat absorption by hair follicles. 


  • It is straightforward to use: you just have to slide the device over your skin and let it do the rest.
  • It is painless: the light energy used in this device does not damage any other tissue apart from the hair follicle, making it very safe to use.
  • It is very affordable: compared to other home laser hair removal devices, Hena hair removal system offers a high price for people on a strict budget.
  • Saves time: Since it is straightforward, it takes a very short time to complete a session. Furthermore, you will not have to schedule time booking expensive and painful waxing appointments.


  • Some aggressive hair types may take long to eradicate
  • Some darker skin pigmentations are sensitive to IPL hair removal system


The heat is delivered through instantaneous light pulses that penetrate the follicle tissue, permanently stopping hair growth and saving you the hassle of buying the expensive wax.

The primary concern with IPL hair removal technology is the fact that dermatologists charge between $800 and $3,200. That is primarily why Hena came around. Now retailing at a fraction of the price, Hena is the bestselling IPL system after many years of clinical trials and research.

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device

Philips Lumea is one of the most effective IPL solutions in the market.


  • It is easy and efficient in use; hence you will not need to use a lot of time in a single session. A typical hair removal session for both legs will take about 15 minutes. 
  • It has a cordless design, making it efficient to use.
  • It is suitable for use on a wide variety of skin and hair types
  • It is effective and safe to use in sensitive areas.
  • The system features an extensive treatment surface for faster application
  • Works cordless or corded


  • The system is not suitable for very dark complexions
  • The device is not effective on light-blonde, red, or grey/white hair.
  • The system is a bit bulky


he system works superbly to give the user a hair-free body. As in the former, the Prestige Lumea cordless hair removal machine uses Intense Pulse Light technology to get rid of your hair-related problems.

Philips is a well-known manufacturer of electronic devices, and it has done a great job in the laser hair removal industry. The firm worked closely with top dermatologists in developing this ground-breaking hair removal system. Though a bit bulkier than the product in number one above, the machine is quite easy to use.

VEME IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men

VEME IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men

VEME IPL hair removal device is clinically tested and approved by the FDA. The manufacturer promises up to 87% hair reduction on the target areas after only four weeks of treatment

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  • The system is quite inexpensive 
  • It is easy to use with a great design and lightweight
  • It comes well packaged
  • Supports most hair and skin types
  • Very intuitive LCD all the functions, including the energy level.


  • Doesn’t feature a cordless function


After reviewing the device, we found this to be true in most cases. However, people with lighter hair types and darker skin pigmentations are not recommended to use the system.

The device is safe for use on both women and men without burning or injuring sensitive skin. People with allergic reactions on sensitive skin are, however, advised to use the device with caution. Though the VEME IPL hair removal device offers top-notch features such as 500,000 flashes and a large flash surface, it comes at a considerably low price.



Laser hair removal is FDA approved, and has become widely popular for both men and women who would like to get rid of body hair permanently. As far as our research goes, the above-listed devices showed the highest customer satisfaction from reviews and offered the best features to users. Not everyone is happy with the results of laser hair removal treatment. Depending on the hair type and skin complexion, you are bound to get different results.

People with darker complexions are not advised to use laser hair removal treatments because the melanin in their skin will absorb heat too fast, damaging other cells in the skin. The devices can, however, be used sparingly on lighter hair types, though the results are not as impressive. The energy levels indicated on all the above tools are totally safe for your skin. There were rumors that laser devices could cause cancer, but this is far from real. For those who are still terrified of this but still want to get rid of hair permanently, you should talk to your dermatologist for advice on the safest method.

Laser hair removal has a multitude of advantages, including the fact that the process might save you shaving or waxing costs for the rest of your life, given you follow the treatment to the end. Failure to complete the procedure will cause incomplete hair removal. That is because the laser device did not destroy all the hair follicles on the skin area.

Whether you need to get rid of facial hair, leg hair, or hair on your armpit, laser hair removal is the most efficient technique to keep your skin smooth and clean. Also, you do not have to worry about staying away from the sun forever; you just have to avoid any heat on your skin for 24 hours after a hair removal appointment with your dermatologist.

Though individual sessions will only take you about twenty minutes to complete, you will need to have the patience to see real results. Depending on your preferences and the availability of your dermatologist, the complete process can sometimes last a year depending on your hair type and skin complexion. It is, therefore, advisable to be patient through the process for great results.

The procedure of hair removal can sometimes be painful. Though it is only a sharp pinching pain at worst, it could be worse if you had any physical exercise before an appointment. It is essential you remember to keep your target skin area cool before beginning the procedure. The above home devices are painless since they feature comfortable power levels for their users. If pain is the only thing keeping you from trying laser hair removal, I can tell you honestly; You have nothing to fear.

Remember to stay safe and watch out for your skin during the duration of the treatment period. Enquire for further directions from your dermatologist, even if you have chosen to do your laser hair removal at home. Do not use the device too often, especially on sensitive skin since it could cause an allergic reaction.

The devices listed herein offer the best features in the market and allow you to take care of your hair problem without the hassle of having to do it over and over again for the rest of your life. If you wish to permanently free yourself from the hair removal costs incurred during waxing or shaving, it is wise to invest in a laser hair removal device.

If you have a stubborn hair type, you could always pick up the device and have a few more sessions until you are satisfied with the results, it is completely safe. Pick whichever device fits in your budget and has the preferable features for you and begin the process of ridding yourself of body hair.


Being in the beauty industry I fully understand everything you need to know about hair removal which is why I created this blog in helping you getting a permanent hair free look with the industries best devices.

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